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Complaint - form

Use - when making a warranty claim within the statutory 24-month period.

Dear customer,
If there is a defect in your product that prevents its further use, we recommend that you use the form shown below to report a complaint - CUSTOMER WARRANTY COMPLAINT. This form replaces the original paper version.

Sending the form for reporting a warranty claim will speed up the settlement of your claim and is part of the business conditions, which you read before confirming and sending your order.

1. The complaint procedure begins on the day of receipt of the claimed goods by the seller and ends on the day of sending the settled complaint to the buyer or a written notice of readiness of the goods for re-acceptance after its repair.

2. Immediately on the day of your dispatch, but no later than within 24 hours of receiving the complaint form, we will confirm the receipt of your complaint at your entered email address.

3. We do not accept goods sent by cash on delivery. We recommend insuring the sent goods.

4. Deliver the non-functional / damaged product as soon as possible after submitting this form to our address:

Samir Jahjefendič

New street 716/51

Střelice, 66447

Czech Republic

IČO: 08357226

Tel .: +420 725 839 164

Email: arcanusomen@gmail.com

Bank account: CZ04 0100 0001 2301 4048 0237

                         : 123-140480237 / 0100

Send by e-mail to arcanusomen@gmail.com or by letter together with the complaint.

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